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Tina Lebea - Tina Turner Tribute ActTina Lebea (Tina Turner Tribute) is a South African singer and entertainer. As a mother of three sons, she now lives in Switzerland and exclusively performs Tina Turner songs. Prior to her singing career, she worked successfully as a model and actress. In 1982 love led her to Switzerland.

Tina Lebea's BuchShe has grown up in poor conditions as a full-bred. She was active as a moderator, actress and model during the apartheid regime. In this time the life as a black was very hard. This life has shaped her, strengthened and motivated.


Tina Lebea - Pyjama Tops PosterAmong other things, once she was controlled by the police on the way home from a fashion show just before entering the taxi. At that time all blacks had to identify themselves with the “dumb pass” at any time. Once she was arrested and imprisoned for three days, because she couldn’t identify herself with her “dumb pass”. She’s got known the hard jail house life, beaten and tormented by the more powerful prisoners, she had to sleep in the dirt, without water and clean clothes. These days and nights she passed in great fear. Because she didn’t come home as expected, her grandmother had noticed that she was traveling without the “dumb pass”. So she went to the police. By showing the “dumb pass” and paying a fine of 100 Rands, at that time about 20 Swiss Francs, she could get Tina released.

In 1976, the apartheid regime decided that the lessons were no longer held in English and the native languages, but now only in Afrikaans. The black population has not accepted this decision and have demonstrated it. The unrest was bloody crushed with military and police. This has shaped Tina and her life.

In her school days, she was very motivated and grateful that she was allowed to attend the school.

After the death of her mother she escaped as a 10-year old girl with her sisters to the grandparents, because she no longer wanted to live with her father.

Since 2013 she is performing exclusively Tina Turner songs.

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Tina’s Playlist

Tina’s Songlist

    1. Undercover Agent For The Blues
    2. Goldeneye
    3. We Don’t Need Another Hero
    4. Proud Mary
    5. Simply The Best
    6. Steamy Windows
    7. Nutbush City Limits
    8. Let’s Stay Together
    9. Help
    10. Addicted To Love
    11. Better Be Good To Me
    12. It Takes Two
    13. I Can’t Stand The Rain
    14. Private Dancer
    15. When The Heartache Is Over
    16. What’s Love Got To Do With It
    17. In the Midnight Hour
    18. Disco Inferno

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